Do You Know The Lifetime of Solar Light

  • Date:2018-12-16 14:58
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The lifetime of solar light depends on many factors. Usually the solar controller is the short part of solar street light, and battery is the short for small solar lamps.

Housing: depends on the material type. For plastic parts, usually ABS is most suitable for solar light. For Metal parts, #304 stainless steel, #201 stainless steel and aluminum are commonly used.

Lifetime Solar Light

Battery: it depends on the type.

"How many cycles does the battery endure?". This question is frequently ased by our customers.

There are 5 different types of battery we use in our solar lights:

1. Lead acid battery, usually around 600-1000 cycles (charge and discharge). The volume will decline as using;
2. Ni-Cd rechargeable battery, around 500 cycles (charge and discharge);
3. Ni-Mh recharcheable battery, around 500 cycles (charge and discharge);
4. Li-ion battery, around 500 cycles (charge and discharge);
5. LiFePO4 rechargeable battery, around 1500~2000 cycles (charge and discharge).

LED: the norminal life-span of LED is 50,000 hours, but luminous decay is very obvious. SMD LEDs are better and less decay compared with staight pin LED.

Solar panel: usually solar panel can work over 15~25 years although the efficiency will decline as using; Usually the life time of solar lights depends on its main componentsomatically without human management.