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Panasonic Compact Solar Lights BG-BL01G

Panasonic Compact Solar Lights BG-BL01G

Product Information

  • [Record Electricity] High efficiency. It’s built-in one "HIT solar cell".

  • Even if AC power is not available, Panasonic BG-BL01G can use HIT solar cell to create Electricity. It is integrated Panasonic proprietary high-efficiency HIT solar cell with paperback-size solar panels, which make it possible to charge and power supply.

  • [Charging] Two rechargeable EVOLTA batteries built-in (AA x 2).

  • They can be charged by solar, and can also be fed by the sunlight and USB of computer or mobile phone. So this solar led light is suitable for outdoor and is perfect for emergency preparedness.

  • [Power ]Can be a power bank for led lights and a USB charger for mobile etc. devices.

  • The two rechargeable EVOLTA batteries can be taken out and be used for your radio etc.

  • White LED light of power-saving and long-life

  • 3 built-in white LED lights. Adjust the brightness to “strong” or “weak”.

Specification of Panasonic compact solar lights BG-BL01G:

Operating time: strong / about 10 hours, slightly less than and approximately 60 hours
Charging time: solar and approximately 15 hours, USB charging and approx. 7 hours
Size: height 104 x width 152 x 24 mm
Weight: 160 g (excluding battery)
Waterproof: IPX3 (rain-proof type) equivalent
Input: solar charging=DC4V 250MA; USB charging=DC5V 270MA; USB output=DC5V 500MA
Use temperature: 0-40℃ fit battery = Panasonic nickel-metal hydride battery (capacity 1900- 2000MAH × 2 this)

Charging and light use USB output time (approximate):

Charging time: solar charging time (about 15 hours) when the USB charging (about 7 hours)
Light use time: strength about 20LX (about 10 time) Yowayaku 2LX (about 60 hours) the emergency flashing (about 100 hours)
USB output time: about 1 hour and 20 minutes

If you have any other questions for Panasonic Compact Solar Lights, please feel free to contact me here!
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