Panasonic N325 Photovoltaic Module HIT

Panasonic N325 Photovoltaic Module HIT

Panasonic’s unique heterojunction technology uses ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers. These thin dual layers reduce losses, resulting in higher energy output than conventional panels.

Advanced bifacial cell designed for increased energy output. The cell utilizes sunlight reflected back from the rear side material which captures more light and converted into energy.


19.4% High Panel Efficiency
Water Drainage Frame
Light Capturing Technology

High Efficiency at High Temperatures

As temperature increases, HIT® continues to perform at high levels due to the industry leading temperature coefficient of -0.258% /⁰C. No other module even comes close to our temperature characteristics.  That means more energy throughout the day.

25 Year Product and Performance Warranty

Industry leading 25 year product workmanship and performance warranty is backed by a century old company- Panasonic. Power output is guaranteed to 90.76% after 25 years, far greater than other companies.

Quality and Reliability

Panasonic’s vertical integration, 20 years of experience manufacturing HIT® and 20 internal tests beyond those mandated by current standards provides extreme quality assurance.

Higher Efficiency 19.7%

Enables higher power output and greater energy yields. HIT® provides maximum production for your limited roof space.

Low Degradation

HIT “N-type” cells result in extremely Low Light Induced Degradation (LID) and zero Potential Induced Degradation (PID) which supports reliability and longevity. This technology reduces annual degradation to 0.26% compare to 0.70% in conventional panels, guaranteeing more power for the long haul.

Unique water drainage

The water drainage system give rain, water and snow melt a place to go, reducing water stains and soiling on the panel. Less dirt on the panel means more sunlight getting through to generate power.

More Information:

Rated Power (Pmax): 325W
Maximum Power Current (Ipm): 5.65 A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 69.6 V
Short Circuit Current (Isc): 6.03 A

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