Philips Solar Light BRP372 LED110 CW 95W 24V DM SD 12.5

  • Philips Solar Street Light BRP372 LED110/CW 95W 24V DM SD 12.5

Philips Solar Light BRP372 LED110 CW 95W 24V DM SD 12.5

Philips GreenVision Xceed BRP371/372/373 is a good road and urban luminaires for expressways, highways, major roads, secondary roads, industrial roads, residential road etc...  

 Highlights of GreenVision Philips BRP371/372/373

Optimized energy saving – 50% saving compared with SON

Easy to install and maintain

Driver box – tool-free maintenance on the pole

Wireless point-to-point luminaire control

Excellent thermal management

Tool-free maintenance

Neutral white light (4000 K)

Dedicated lens for different road configurations

Lightweight housing design


• City main road and high road

• Minor road

• Industrial park road

• Residential road

Owing to the Philips latest hybrid charge controller, it still could work on AC grid.GreenVision Xceed offers 30% of cost savings compared to outdated solar lighting, making it the perfect sustainable lighting solution for any emerging metropolis.

Lighting up streets and roads enhance the comfort, security and overall safety of our rapidly growing urban environments.Philips Solar GreenVision Xceed makes an affordable solar LED road lighting solution that delivers sufficient light on your roads.It is designed to achieve better light uniformity and maximum spacing between poles for both pedestrian and vehicle road applications, and higher efficiency to save panel size and battery capacity in solar lighting system. With its die-cast aluminum housing and Philips LED platform, it is easy to maintain, has a long lifetime and a consistency you can count on. It also offers 3 housing sizes and a range of beam optics to fully cater to different road configurations and conditions.

Products Details:

TypeBRP371 (422 mm length version)

BRP372 (522 mm length version)

BRP373 (853 mm length version)

Light sourceIntegral LED-module

Power55-305 W depending on product

Beam angle150º

Luminous flux4800-28,200 lm depending on product

Luminaire efficacy90 lm/W

Correlated Color Temperature4000 K

Color Rendering Index75

Maintenance of lumen output - L7050,000 hours at 35 ºC

Driver failure rate0.05% per 5000 hours

Operating temperature range-40 to +55 ºC

DriverSeparate (non-self ballasted LED-module)

Mains voltage220-240 V / 50-60 Hz

Inrush current108 A


Controls system input1-10 V

Optic Road-medium (DM2E), road-wide (DW2), road-narrow (DN)

Optical coverGlass, flat

MaterialHousing, gear cover, clip: high-pressure die-cast aluminum, non-corrosive

Glass: thermally hardened, 5 mm thick

Gear tray: steel

ColorCanopy, cover, clip: gray (RAL7040)

ConnectionPush-in connector with 3 poles

MaintenanceToolless for driver maintenance

Opening by one clip

No internal cleaning required

InstallationRecommended mounting height: 8-12 m

Side-entry mounting: lateral entry Ø 48-60 mm

Standard tilt angle post top: 5-15º

Max SCx: 0.13 m (422 mm length version), 0.16 m (522 mm length version), 0.26 m

Cable glandM20

Order Information:

BRP373 LED142/CW 116W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5M 911401881001

BRP372 LED110/CW 95W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5M 911401880401

BRP371 LED94/CW 83W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5M 911401881201

BRP371 LED87/CW 76W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5M 911401881401

BRP371 LED72/CW 60W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5M 911401881601

BRP371 LED62/CW 51W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5M 911401882801

BRP371 LED50/CW 43W 12/24V DMMP1 SD 9.5M 911401880601

BRP373 LED142/NW 116W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5M 911401881101

BRP372 LED110/NW 95W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5M 911401880501

BRP371 LED94/NW 83W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5M 911401881301

BRP371 LED87/NW 76W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5M 911401881501

BRP371 LED72/NW 60W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5M 911401882101

BRP371 LED50/NW 43W 12/24V DMMP1 SD 9.5M 91140188070