Philips LED Street Light BRP373

  • Philips LED Street Light BRP373

Philips LED Street Light BRP373

Philips LED Street Light BRP373 Description

BRP373 is a group of advanced luminaire. With three different dimension housing, it could output light in a range of 5000lm to 28000lm. Under the meeting the needs of the road lighting standard, it brings 30~50% energy saving comparing with classical sodium lamp luminaires. Free tools for openning bring quik installation and maintan, easily reduce your costs.


Product feature

  • professional lense

  • reliable structure

  • free tools for openning

  • multiple control interface

Technical parameter of Philips LED Street Light BRP373

Product Model: BRP373
Housing: Die Cast Aluminum
Color temperature: 4000K
CRI: 75+/-5
Optical lense: DM2, DN, DW2
LM output: BRP373=Max28000lm
Power supply: 120V~240V/50Hz , 12V Solar energy input
System efficient: 90lm/W
Working temperature: -40°C~50°C
Life: 50000hrs@70% lm output Maintenance
Index of protection: IP66
Installation: Pipe for 40-60mm diameter
Weight: 6.5kg (Max BRP373=15kg )
Control interface: 1~10v or Dali or Amplight
Maintan: free tools for opening
Surge protection: 10Kv

Illumination application sample

Iuminaries specification: BRP373 17000lm
System power: 95
Road type: Bidirectional traffic
Middle Isolation belt: 0
Road width: 14.00
Number of lanes:4
Brightness coefficient table: CIE C2(0.07)
Installation: Bilateral symmetrical arrangement
Mounting height: 12.0
Poles spacing: 36
luminaries reach out length: 1
Elevation angle: 5
Average brightness of road: 1.56
Uo: 1.34
Ui: 0.84
TI%: 8.8
Average lux: 21
Illuminance uniformity: 0.64
SR: 0.64
Power density LPD: 0.77

BRP373 Main application

  • Urban Highway

  • Trunk Road

  • Downtown road

  • industry Area road

  • Residential roads

BRP373 Product selected Classic Models

BRP373 LED175/NW 195W 220-240V DM2E ~14KG
BRP373 LED190/NW 210W 220-240V DM2E ~14KG
BRP373 LED206/NW 225W 220-240V DW2 ~14KG
BRP373 LED221/NW 245W 220-240V DW2 ~14KG
BRP373 LED236/NW 260W 220-240V DW2 ~14KG
BRP373 LED251/NW 275W 220-240V DW2 ~14KG
BRP373 LED267/NW 290W 220-240V DW2 ~14KG
BRP373 LED282/NW 305W 220-240V DW2~14KG